Get Answers at 1-855-Medicare

Finding the right answers the first time. That’s what you deserve when you talk to an agent licensed by your state.

And that’s what you will receive when you call the Medicare Helpline at 1-855-Medicare. The Helpline is a private service, not part of the government. So you know you will get prompt service and helpful answers to your questions about:

What does government Medicare (basic Medicare) offer?

How do I get prescription drug coverage since the government doesn’t cover it?

What about Medicare Advantage, does it offer more in my area?

How can I stay with my doctor?

My employer dropped retiree coverage, what do I do now?

and more.

For detailed answers to your questions, a licensed agent at the private Medicare Helpline can assist you and guide you thru comparing benefits and costs of available plans in your area at 1-855-MEDICARE or contact us via the web: