Medicare in Plain English (page 5)

What does Medicare Part D cover?

Medicare Part D is the name for outpatient Prescription Drug plans contracted with Medicare. These plans are provided by private insurance carriers, including some of the nation’s largest insurers — Humana, United Health Care, Aetna and Blue Cross/Blue Shield and others.

Original Medicare (government Medicare Part A and Part B) has no outpatient Prescription Drug coverage. So unlike Part C, Part D doesn’t simply provide benefits already covered in Original Medicare.

The plans are all required to provide a basic level of coverage, but many go beyond the minimum requirements.

Each plan will have a formulary, or list of drugs that are covered. Each carrier chooses which drugs they will cover, but they are required to cover at least two drugs in each category.

Each Part D plan has a premium, and most companies more than one Part D plan at different price points.

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